Ordering Instructions UnitedAnabolics, 2018

Bitcoin Payments must include all the following information

  • Date of BTC transfer.
  • Amount of Transfer in US Dollars.
  • Amount of Transfer in Bitcoins.

WU/MG Payments must include all the following information

  • Receiver's name in China. We have over a hundred names that receive WU payments. It is imperative that we know who the wire was sent to.
  • WestenUnion MoneyTransferControlNumber(MTCN) Or MoneyGram Ref number for the wire.
  • WU/MG wire senders name.
  • Amount of money wired in US Dollars.  Make sure to include $20 for shipping!

Order Info and Shipping Address

  • When emailing your final order. While your emails are being answered by bodybuilders -- your order is being processed by our office workers. Make your final order clear in order to avoid mistakes or delays. Try not to use terms like Abomb, EQ, Drols, etc. Please clarify, do not say you need 20 Test250. What is Test250? Is it Test Enanth250, Test Cyp250, Sust mix 250? It is best if you use the same product names that we use in our price list to avoid any confusion and ensure precision.
  • Shipping address. This can be a PO Box address but all addresses need to have a receiver name! You can use a real or fake name, but we CANNOT ship to an address without a name; this is USPS policy. Double check your shipping address to avoid mistakes. You do not want your order shipped to the wrong address!

After emailing us your payment/order info

  • Within 24 hours your will receive an email from our payment department confirming we have received your payment info and your order is being processed.
  • Please check your email. If we find any problems with your payment info, we will contact you promptly and require your correspondence.
  • We always provide tracking numbers by email after your order has shipped. All orders should ship within 3-5 days of receiving the payment.

The following can delay the processing of your order

  • Make sure that you have included the right amount of money for your order, including shipping fee.
  • Make sure that you have included a complete and correct shipping address, including receiver's name.
  • Any spelling mistakes in the names of the WesternUnion wire transfer will cause delays. Often the clerks in the WesternUnion centers make spelling mistakes, please double check your WU papers for spelling mistakes before leaving the WesternUnion Center. This is another reason that we prefer bitcoin over WU/MG.